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Instrumenting Java code with JSDT probes

A few months back, I got wind from the world famous Jarod Jenson that Keith McGuigan was working on adding JSDT probes to Java. JSDT probes struck me as an extremely useful feature for realtime problem analysis, so I decided to instrument some sample code to see how they worked. After a couple of e-mail […]

Debugging Java performance problems presentation

I recently gave a presentation at the local UNIX users group titled Debugging Java performance problems. The presentation describes various opensource tools and how they can be used to understand what is causing CPU, memory and lock contention issues inside a Java virtual machine. If there are additional tools not discussed in the presentation that […]

Measuring the time an application was stopped due to garbage collection

I recently spent some of my spare time assisting a friend with debugging some Java performance problems his company was experiencing. When I originally looked into the performance problem several weeks back, I used the mpstat and jstat utilities to observe CPU utilization and object allocations, and based on some jstat anomalies, I used the […]

Profiling Java methods with the heap profiling agent

The Java SDK comes with a number of tools and JVM options that can be used to analyze the performance of the Java runtime. One extremely useful tool is the heap profiler agent, which provides facilities to profile memory usage, CPU utilization and lock contention. To load the profiler agent to profile CPU utilization, you […]

Getting alerts when Java processes crash

When bugs occur in the Java runtime environment, most administrators want to get notified so they can take corrective action. These actions can range from restarting a Java process, collecting postmortem data or calling in application support personnel to debug the situation further. The Java runtime has a number of useful options that can be […]

Monitoring Java garbage collection with jstat

Java memory management revolves around the garbage collector, which is the entity responsible for traversing the heap and freeing space that is being taken up by unreferenced objects. Garbage collection makes life easier for Java programmers, since it frees them from having to explicitly manage memory resources (this isn’t 100% true, but close enough). In […]

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