Essential investing resources

Over the past few years, I have come across some super useful investing resources. To ensure that I can find these when I need them, I thought I would post them here:

Bill Cara on the markets: Great overview of the market.

Compound interest calculator: Great place to see the impacts of interest rates over time.

Fund Alarm Data Table: Great place to view the risks associated with a fund.

Investopedia: Great place to look up terminology and market conditions.

Money Guy Podcast: Weekly podcast about restoring financial chaos.

Morningstar: Great place to review funds and expense ratios.

Morningstar Instant Xray: Portfolio breakdown by asset class.

Random Roger’s Big Picture: Great overview of the market and ETFs.

Seeking Alpha: Great overview of where the market is heading.

Tax guide for investors: Great place to review tax information.

Vanguard diehard forums: Great place to get free advice on index funds.

I also enjoy listening to the pro money talk, Kiplinger, Vanguard, Fidelity and Merriman capitol podcasts, which are all available throught he iTunes music store.

Understanding investing terminology

Over the past few months, I have been spending part of my free time listening to podcasts on investing. The vocabulary used on wall street is super interesting (I am a finance major, so I love this stuff), and includes fun words like LEAPS, DRIPs, oscillators, breakouts, resistance, support lines, asset classes, and a whole slew of other interesting terminology. To make sense of all this market speak, I have been referring to the Trader’s Glossary A-Z. If you need to figure out wall street terminology, this is a great place to start.