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Measuring website latency with http_ping

A year or so ago, I modified my script to create a script ( that would measure the time it took to retrieve a specific URI from a web server. While scouring the OpenBSD ports collection for website monitoring tools, I came across http_ping. This is a great tool for measuring the time it […]

HTTP Cookies

The HTTP protocol was originally designed to be stateless protocol, which provides some serious hurdles for applications that need to be “session” aware. To address this issue, the HTTP protocol added a lovely thing called cookies. Cookies are sent to a client with the “Set-Cookie:” attribute in the HTTP header, and contain an expiration date […]

Using StartTLS with HTTP connections

While catching up with some news groups today, I came across RFC 2817. This RFC describes HTTP protocol extensions to allow a client and server to initiate a TLS session over an existing connection. This has numerous benefits, and could definitely speed up web-based commerce (e.g., a dedicated secure connection is not required, slow start […]

Printing HTTP headers with curl

When debugging web applications, most adminstrators will review the HTTP request and response headers for errors. This information can be retrieved with Firefox’s HTTP Live headers plugin, ethereal, or with curl’s “-v” (make the operation more talkative) option: $ curl -v * About to connect() to port 80 * Trying… * connected […]