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An amazing hot swap drive tray

I’m constantly playing around with Operating Systems and applications, and in the vast majority of cases I can use VirtualBox, KVM or VMWare to accomplish my testing. But in some cases I need to use physical hardware, which used to require me to shuffle drives and cables around in my custom built rack mount servers. […]

Displaying CPU temperatures on Linux hosts

Intel and AMD keep coming out with bigger and faster CPUs. Each time I upgrade (I’m currently eyeing one of these) to a newer CPU it seems like the heat sinks and cooling fans have tripled in size (I ran across this first hand when I purchased a Zalman CPU cooler last year). If you […]

The easiest way to test the memory in your Intel-based PC!

Most admins have a series of tools they use to check for faulty hardware. This toolkit most likely includes the ultimate boot disk, a network accessible memtest and on a USB stick. I was always curious why Linux disitrubtions didn’t integrate these items into their install / live CDs, since it would make debugging […]

ARM vs. Intel Atom comparison

Van Smith wrote an awesome article comparing current ARM processors and their lower power consuming x86 friends such as the Intel Atom. Here’s the conclusion of his performance benchmark tests: The ARM Cortex-A8 achieves surprisingly competitive performance across many integer-based benchmarks while consuming power at levels far below the most energy miserly x86 CPU, the […]

Server hardware is dirt cheap!

I just built a quad core AMD-based server that I plan to use as a storage host in my lab. The machine has the following configuration: ASUS M2N-LR motherboard AMD Opteron 1354 Budapest 2.2GHz Socket AM2 75W processor 8GD of 667MHZ DDR2 ECC memory 4 750GB Western Digital SATA II disk drives SAMSUNG 22X DVD±R […]

Using the ultimate boot disk to test hardware

I have been using the Ultime Boot Disk for the past few months to test x86 and X64 hardware. The disk contains numerous awesome utilities that can be used to test memory, disks and CPUs. The following packages come on the CD, and are four of my personal favorites: – Memtest86+ to test memory – […]

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