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Getting gnome to work after an initial CentOS installation

While preparing for my RHCE exam, I wanted to install of the system-config-* GUIs to see what functionality they provided. I used the yum groupinstall option to install the GNOME desktop: $ yum groupinstall ‘GNOME Desktop Environment’ and then proceeded to add my preferred desktop environment to /etc/sysconfig/desktop: $ cat /etc/sysconfig/desktop DISPLAYMANAGER=”GNOME” Once these items […]

Awesome streaming audio application for GNOME

While surfing the web, I came across streamtuner. Streamtuner can be used access 1000s of online streaming media sources, and is a GTK+ application written for GNOME. I loves me some music, and am stoked that I now have a good tool to listen to streaming audio on my Linux desktop.

Monitoring DBUS events

While debugging a goofy GNOME / USB interoperability issue this week, I came across the dbus-monitor program. Dbus-monitor allows you to view messages as they are sent on the DBUS message bus, which can be amazingly useful for debugging hardware and software interoperability issues. To print the messages that are traveling on the system message […]

Gnome 2.14 features

I typically don’t pay attention to new Gnome features, but the upcoming Gnome 2.14 performance enhancements outlined in this article caught my attention. Since Gnome chews up a good bit of CPU and memory of my desktop, I am excited to see that they are starting to look into this.