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Running an SSH client inside your Firefox web browser

I recently came across FireSSH, which is an SSH client that runs inside Firefox. The FireSSH plug-in allows you to create an SSH connection to a remote host using just a web browser, and I can see all kinds of uses for this! The plug-in is written entirely in javascript, and uses a couple of […]

Firefox HTTP header plugin

If you are periodically tasked with debugging web applications, you may have heard of the Firefox HTTP Live Headers plug-in. This plug-in is useful for displaying HTTP request and response headers, and allows regular expressions to be used to control which pages and content are retrieved. I can’t figure out if I like this plug-in […]

Speeding up firefox

As a UNIX and network guy, I try to optimize systems and networks to deliver the most bang for the buck. I recently came across the following post on the Mozilla Zine web forums: This link covers several tunables for Firefox, several of which can significantly speedup page load times (especially when you have […]