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Updating Emulex boot code on Solaris hosts

I previously discussed updating Emulex adapter firmware, but didn’t touch on updating the adapter’s boot code. The boot code allows you to boot from a SAN device, and is a separate upgrade from the standard firmware. To upgrade the boot code, you can run the emlxadm download_boot command with the name of the boot code […]

Updating Emulex firmware on Solaris hosts

I’ve written about the Emulex emlxadm utility in the past, and how it can be used to view and manage adapters. In addition to viewing stats and configuration data, you can also use emlxadm to view and update firmware. To view the current firmware version, you can type “get_fw_rev” into the emlxadm shell: emlxadm> get_fw_rev […]

Using the Emulex storage tools to manage Leadville controlled Emulex adapters

With the introduction of Solaris 10, the Sun leadville storage stack was integrated into Solaris. This means that you no longer need to download and install the SFS stack or third party drivers, and the native Solaris tools (e.g., iostat, mpathadm, fcinfo, luxadm, etc.) can be used to manage specific aspects of storage management. I […]