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Zoning Brocade switches: Putting it all together

I wanted to conclude my Brocade zoning posts by discussing a couple of best practices. Two issues I have seen in the real world are inconsistent and non-descriptive names, and a lack of configuration backups. Using descriptive names such as “Fabric1Switch1Port8” or “AppServer1Port1” makes the output quite a bit more readable, which is extremely helpful […]

Zoning Brocade switches: Creating configurations

I’ve previously talked about creating Brocade aliases and zones, and wanted to discuss zone configurations in this post. Brocade zone configurations allow you to group one or more zones into an administrative unit, which you can then apply to a switch. Brocade has a number of commands that can be used to manage configurations, and […]

Zoning Brocade switches: creating zones

I previously talked about creating aliases on Brocade switches, and am going to use this post to discuss zone creation. Zones allow you to control initiators and targets can see each other, which enhances security by limiting access to devices connected to the SAN fabric. As previously discussed, we can assign an alias to each […]

Zoning Brocade switches: creating aliases

In my previous Brocade post, I talked about Brocade zoning, and mentioned at a high level what is required to implement zoning. Prior to jumping in and creating one or more zones in your fabric, you should add aliases to describe the devices that are going to be zoned together. An alias is a descriptive […]

Zoning Brocade switches: zoning overview

Storage area networks (SANs) are deployed at most larger organizations, and provide centralized administration for storage devices and management functions. When multiple clients are accessing storage resources through a SAN, you need a way to limit which targets and logical units each initiator can see. Typically LUN masking is used on the storage array to […]

Changing the name of a Brocade switch

When managing large diverse SAN fabrics, it is extremely important to assign a unique and descriptive name to each switch. This descriptive name provides an easy way to determine the purpose of a switch, and is also helpful when debugging problems. To change the name assigned to a Brocade switch, you can use the switchname […]

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