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Slides from my introduction to gluster presentation

I gave a talk on Gluster this evening at our local UNIX users group. I had a good time talking, and enjoyed interacting with everyone that came out. The introduction to Gluster presentation slides are available in the presentation section of my website, and I’ll make sure to get them linked to the users group […]

My Top Ten technology books of all time

I was having lunch with a friend last week and we caught up on tons of stuff. Both of us are doing a lot of work with VMWare, storage, Linux and interestingly enough we are both trying to learn about Windows Server 2008. As we were chatting my buddy asked me what I thought the […]

A real world approach to learning new Operating Systems

New Operating Systems don’t pop into existence every day, but there are a slew of them out there. This includes various versions of Windows, BSD OSs, a number of Linux distributions, Solaris, AIX, Plan 9 as well as several others. As a technology geek I’m always looking to learning something new, and I recently got […]

Integrating Linux with LDAP presentation

I gave a talk tonight at the local UNIX uers group on integrating Linux servers with LDAP. The slide desk is now available, and I want to thank everyone for coming out! The talk was a bunch of fun, and I appreciate all of the questions I received. Hopefully I can come back out later […]

What I did to pass the RHCE exam

I took the RHCE exam this past week, and was fortunate to pass both the RHCT and RHCE sections with a score of 100%. While I can’t discuss what was on the test, I figured I would share the process I used to prepare for the test. When I decided to take the exam, I […]

Slides from my CentOS cluster server presentation

The fine folks at ALE invited me back this month to give a presentation on CentOS cluster server. I had a blast presenting, and want to thank everyone for coming out. The slide deck I used is now up on my website, and I will post links to the cluster configuration file I discussed later […]

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