Thermal problems with macbook pro?

I came across the following post that discusses some of the thermal issues currently found in the macbook pros. According to the poster, Apple (or their suppliers) is incorrectly applying thermal paste to the CPU dies in the macbook pros, which is leading to higher than expected operating termperatures. The picture he presents from one of Apple’s training manuals is amusing, and if they are following the suggestion in the picture, they are clearly misappropriating thermal grease. Great post, and good analysis!

Viva la Mac Mini

If you haven’t heard, Apple refreshed the Mac Mini last week. The new model features Intel core single or duo processors, up to 2GB of RAM, gigabit Ethernet, a digital audio in port, and a SATA disk drive. Since the new model is ideal for coding, streaming audio, reading documents, checking e-mail and surfing the web, I decided to order one. If all goes well, my Mini should arrive Monday with 2 1.66 core processors, 2GB of RAM, and a 100GB SATA disk drive. I can’t wait!! Shibby!

Shame on Apple

I purchased an Apple Airport Express a while back to take advantage of their airtunes feature. I periodically need to adjust settings on the airport express (e.g., adjust syslog levels), which requires a reboot for the settings to take effect. This is silly, especially since my Netgear / Linksys wireless access points can be changed without a reboot. Ugh!

Speeding up Safari

I recently got sick of the Safari spinning ball, and decided to conduct some research to speed up my favorite web browser. After reading numerous posts on the Apple discussion board, I made the following changes to significantly boost page rendering time:

1. Add Mike’s Ad Blocking Hosts file to /etc/hosts and restart lookupd

2. Purge the Safari cache from Safari -> Clear Cache

3. Remove old RSS articles by clicking Preferences -> RSS -> Remove Now

Once these three actions were complete, Safari was back to post install speeds! Nice!