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Configuring yum to keep more than three kernels

When you run ‘yum update’ on your Fedora system, the default yum configuration will keep the last 3 kernels. This allows you to fail back to a previous working kernel if you encounter an error or a bug. The number of kernels to keep is controlled by the installonly_limit option, which is thoroughly described in […]

Purging the yum header and package cache

Most of the Linux distributions that utilize the yum package manager cache headers and packages by default. These files are cached in the directory identified by the cachedir option, which defaults to /var/cache/yum on all of the hosts I checked. On my Fedora 16 desktop this directory has grown to 167MB in size: $ du […]

Sudo insults — what a fun feature!

I think humor plays a big role in life, especially the life of a SysAdmin. This weekend I was cleaning up some sudoers files and came across a reference to the “insult” option in the documentation. Here is what the manual says: “insults If set, sudo will insult users when they enter an incorrect password. […]