Installing OpenSSH on an AIX 7.1 server

I’m pretty new to AIX, and I’m learning all about its idiosyncrasies. One thing I still don’t understang is why SSH isn’t installed by default. The packages are located on the AIX 7 Volume 1 of 2 DVD, but for some reason the installer doesn’t feel the need to make sshd available to the system at install time. For those who care about security, the following steps will get SSH installed and operational on your AIX 7.1 server:

First, mount the “AIX 7 Volume 1 of 2” DVD in your drive (NIM installs aren’t covered here) and mount it up:

$ mount -V cdrfs -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt

Once you mount the DVD you will need to change to the package directory:

$ cd /mnt/usr/sys/inst.images/

From there you can install the openssh and openssl packages:

$ installp -ac -Y -d . openssh.base openssl.base

This will install the packages and enable the SSH service. You can verify that the daemon started with the lssrc command:

$ lssrc -s sshd

Subsystem         Group            PID          Status 
 sshd             ssh              7340084      active

This is crazy simple and a great way to improve security on your AIX system.

5 thoughts on “Installing OpenSSH on an AIX 7.1 server”

  1. IBM is terminally paranoid about the legal implications of being considered a distributor of open source software. Rationality doesn’t enter into it…

  2. At least the provide it on the DVD now days. It used to be on a separate cd that you had to install the Linux tool kit and a bunch of other stuff before installing SSH. I usually skipped their’s and went directly with SSH from…

    Do they still leave telnet enabled, root logins with no passwords over telnet and sendmail as an open relay by default?
    (havn’t touched AIX in about 5 years)..

  3. Thanks Matty, I’m with ‘solarwiz’ – I haven’t used AIX in quite a few years.. although you never forget your first ;) We had a RS/6000 with dual 200Mhz PowerPCs and 8 GB of RAM. This was around 2000 so was amazingly fast (and expensive) at the time. Can you give us any insight as to what you’re using AIX for? or is that secret Matty business?

  4. I only see two reason to use AIX now : Oracle and high avaibility (via PowerHA). Oracle work great on linux too but somehow you can save money on licence. They surely have other use to AIX, but i”vent seen them. Yet.

  5. hi
    Can we get OpenSSH – sshd 64bit server rpm or package files downloadable files from anywhere.?
    Whatever /usr/sbin/sshd is 32bit or 64bit daemon?

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