Scalable storage for QEMU/KVM

While reading up on various scalable file systems I came across the sheepdog project. For those new to sheepdog, their website describes it as:

“Sheepdog is a distributed storage system for QEMU/KVM. It provides highly available block level storage volumes that can be attached to QEMU/KVM virtual machines. Sheepdog scales to several hundreds nodes, and supports advanced volume management features such as snapshot, cloning, and thin provisioning.”

This looks really cool, and I’m hoping to play around with it this weekend. Curious what experiences my readers have had with it?

4 thoughts on “Scalable storage for QEMU/KVM”

  1. Hi,

    I had the occasion to play with Sheepdog & Ceph/RBD block storage for KVM a few months ago (december 2011). At the time, Ceph/RBD seemed more mature than Sheepdog, but I did not have the occasion to try again recently.

    In addition, Ceph also has an Amazon S3 compatible API to store other data, don’t know if Sheepdog has such features.

    I’m looking forward to read your comments about these technologies !

  2. While I don’t (yet) have clustered storage for my VMs under QEMU/KVM, I have been experiencing excellent results using Zvols under ZFS-on-Linux. My servers are CentOS 7.2-based. I’ve written a script that allows me to migrate, clone, backup and duplicate volumes (as well as create and destroy them) in a matter of seconds or minutes using ZFS commands. It is worth noting that I have gotten away with copying/cloning/or migrating VMs without shutting them down first. while that isn’t recommended, it does seem to work fairly well–even for Windows VMs.)

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