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Summarizing system call activity on Solaris hosts

I previously described how to use strace to to summarize system call activity on Linux hosts. Solaris provides similar data with the truss “-c” option: $ truss -c -p 26396 syscall seconds calls errors read .000 3 write 7.671 25038 time .000 21 stat .000 15 lseek .460 24944 getpid .000 15 kill .162 7664 […]

Summarizing system call activity on Linux systems

Linux has a guadzillion debugging utilities available. One of my favorite tools for debugging problems is strace, which allows you to observe the system calls a process is making in realtime. Strace also has a “-c” option to summarize system call activity: $ strace -c -p 28009 Process 28009 attached Process 28009 detached % time […]

Installing OpenSSH on an AIX 7.1 server

I’m pretty new to AIX, and I’m learning all about its idiosyncrasies. One thing I still don’t understang is why SSH isn’t installed by default. The packages are located on the AIX 7 Volume 1 of 2 DVD, but for some reason the installer doesn’t feel the need to make sshd available to the system […]

Scalable storage for QEMU/KVM

While reading up on various scalable file systems I came across the sheepdog project. For those new to sheepdog, their website describes it as: “Sheepdog is a distributed storage system for QEMU/KVM. It provides highly available block level storage volumes that can be attached to QEMU/KVM virtual machines. Sheepdog scales to several hundreds nodes, and […]

Visualizing syslog data with LogAnalyzer and rsyslog-mysql

I recently discussed setting up rsyslog to write syslog data to a MySQL database. Once you get this set up, you can start writing SQL statements to view the data in various ways. The next logical step is visualizing your data, and that’s where LogAnalyzer comes in. LogAnalyzer is a PHP application that can be […]

Configuring a user to use the bash shell on an AIX server

I previously wrote about my experience installing bash on my AIX hosts. After I installed the package I wanted to make bash my default shell. I fired up usermod but was greeted with the following error: $ usermod -s /usr/bin/bash matty 3004-703 Check “/etc/security/login.cfg” file. 3004-692 Error changing “shell” to “/usr/bin/bash” : Value is invalid. […]

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