Learn Python video series from Google

I’ve been trying to expand my Python knowledge and recently came across Nick Parlante’s 6-part learn Python series on Youtube. I’ve watched several of the videos, and I am impressed with Nick’s teaching ability. Here are links to the 6-part series:

Day 1 part 1: Introduction and Strings

Day 1 part 2: Lists, Sorting and Tuples

Day 1 part 3: Dicts and Files

Day 2 part 1: Regular Expressions

Day 2 part 2: OS and Commands

Day 2 part 3: URLs, HTTP and Exceptions

If you are looking to learn Python this is a great place to start!

5 thoughts on “Learn Python video series from Google”

  1. Well these videos themselves are great. I work on python almost full time and still appreciate them. Thanks for having such a great blog. Seriously, don’t stop. I also bought the same cat brush and hepa filters you suggested. Haven’t been let down by you yet matty.

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