Growing your own lettuce indoors with an Aerogarden

I’ve hopped on the health train over the past six months, and have been trying to integrate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. This all came about after I watched the Food Inc. documentary (available from Netflix and Amazon’s streaming services) and reflected on what I eat. The Food Inc. documentary really shed some light on how the food production system works, and it made me realize that I needed to make more of an effort to grow some of my own food. When you grow your own food you know where it came from, and you have total control over how organic you want your food to be.

So this summer I started my first outdoor garden using a few sub irrigated Earthboxes. I grew some amazing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and a number of herbs that were used in all kinds of dishes (if you cook and haven’t use, you are totally missing out!). But as the cold weather starts to move in I wanted to continue my growing season indoors. After doing tons and tons of research on indoor gardening, I kept being directed to the Aerogarden product line. So I took the plunge and ordered an Aerogarden Extra to see what the hype was all about.

So you may be asking yourself what the heck is an Aerogarden? These amazing little devices are indoor hydroponic systems that can be used to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs or just about anything that would thrive in an indoor hyproponic system. We are currently growing lettuce in our Aerogarden, and as you can see we are getting some awesome results (this is what things look like 3-days after a large lettuce harvest):


I’ve been able to harvest salad greens from my Aerogarden extra every third day, and they have become a staple on our dinner menu. The Aerogarden couldn’t be easier to operate, since you only need to follow a few steps to grow your crop of choice:

1. Purchase a seed kit and follow the instructions to plant it.

2. Add water when the water light comes on.

3. Add liquid nutrients when the nutrient light comes on.

4. Harvest your produce as needed.

I was so pleased with my first garden that I decided to order a second Aerogarden Extra this week. I am planning to try out their mega cherry seed kit this winter, and can’t wait to pick vine ripe tomatoes in January! It’s amazing what fresh greens taste like, especially ones that you pick and plop right down on your dinner plate. I will keep updating my blog as I continue to experiment with my Aerogardens. This thing is an amazing amount of fun, and I had to share my excitement with my fellow geeks. :)

5 thoughts on “Growing your own lettuce indoors with an Aerogarden”

  1. hello! i have the aerogarden classic 7-pod and just bought the 7-pod elite last month. my herbs are growing wonderfully in the classic, and the salsa garden is doing well in the elite. i’ve had the classic for a while, and have grown my favorite herbs consistently. the elite is new…we’ll see how that does!
    i’m seriously considering buying a 3-pod elite to grow lettuce. my only concern is that i can’t find any literature on how long the lettuce will keep growing. you said you harvest every few days. how long until it stops producing? any idea?

  2. @Afritalian — we were able to get lettuce from ours for about 2-months. After that the lettuce started to produce less. You won’t get hue yields from an Aerogarden, but you will definitely get some nice salads!

  3. I just bought my aerogarden 3 and just got the salad. I had a friend of mine grow the romaine and said it turned out bitter tasting. any tips on how to get it not to taste like that?

  4. Nice post ;) If you are still in the indoor gardening game and you can afford an extra $20 a month in electric, get yourself a 400 watt high pressure sodium ballast kit, these will increase your yields 20 fold and you can easily do a 3 by 3 foot area of lettuce or anything else, which is quite a bit of real-estate but worth it, the aerogarden produces about 2000 lumens of usable light a 400 watter give 45,000 lumens and is a very effective sun replacer, you can have basil, rosemary, small bush cherry tomatoes all at once, just enough to get you through the board month of winter. Anyway good luck on your health kick!

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