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Another interesting finding about gluster replicas

In a previous post I talked about my problems getting gluster to expand the number of replicas in a volume. While experimenting with the gluster utilities “add-brick” option I wanted to see if adding two more bricks would replicate the existing data across four bricks (two old, two new), or if the two new bricks […]

Removing a gluster volume doesn’t remove the volume’s contents

I made another interesting discovery this weekend while playing around with the gluster volume deletion option. Prior to creating a volume with a new layout, I went through the documented process to remove my volume: $ gluster volume stop glustervol01 Stopping volume will make its data inaccessible. Do you want to continue? (y/n) y Stopping […]

Some interesting insights on the gluster replicated volume replica value

While playing around with gluster, I had an interesting finding about the way gluster handles replicated volumes. The gluster volume I am using for testing is a replicated volume with a replica factor of 2 (the replica factor determines how many copies of your data will be made). I wanted to add a third replica […]

Centos 6 Linux VMs running inside vSphere 4.1 appear to dynamically discover new LUNs

I came across an interesting discovery yesterday while working on a CentOS 6 gluster node. The node was virtualized inside vSphere 4.1 and needed some additional storage added to it. I went into the VI client and added a new disk while the server was running, expecting to have to reboot or

Installing gluster on a CentOS machine via rpmbuild

I talked previously about my experience getting gluster up and running on Fedora and CentOS Linux servers. The installation process as it currently stands is different between Fedora and CentOS servers. The Fedora package maintainers have build RPMs for gluster, so you can use yum to install everything needed to run gluster: $ yum install […]

Wiping disk drive data with Darek’s boot and nuke

Over the years I have accumulated dozens of disk drives. As I upgrade drives and donate my older hardware to friends and charities, I like to make sure the data on those drives is wiped. I’ve been using Darik’s boot and nuke (DBAN) to wipe my drives for the past year or two, and the […]

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