How to expand you technical book library on the cheap

I recently got the opportunity to start supporting a number of AIX systems, and being an AIX newbie the first thing I did was ask myself how can I learn everything there is to know about AIX (more to come on this topic tomorrow)? Being a readaholic, I decided to wander over to Amazon to see which AIX books were available.

After 10 minutes of searching and reading reviews, I ended up snagging a copy of AIX 5L Administration for $5. That $5 also included shipping! This led me to start looking at the “used” link associated with various other books I really wanted, and the used prices were typically at least 50% off the price Amazon lists for a new book (the book I got was unused, which is new to me!). This may be old news to everyone else, but I like the fact that I can now expand my technical library on the cheap! Thought I would pass this on to my fellow geeks.

2 thoughts on “How to expand you technical book library on the cheap”

  1. Why didn’t you just check out IBM’s Redbooks site? Plenty of AIX stuff there, and it’s all available for free. At least it used to be.

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