Getting VMWare tools to configure on Solaris 10 guests

I built out a Solaris 10 update 10 guest on a vSphere 4.1 machine this past week. When I went to configure VMWare tools I received the following error:

$ /usr/bin/


Stopping VMware Tools services in the virtual machine:
   Guest operating system daemon:                                      done
   Guest memory manager:                                               done

Unable to create symlink "/mnt/hgfs" pointing to file "/hgfs".

Execution aborted.

After doing some debugging I noticed that /mnt is used temporarily and if you happen to be using it (or if volfs is) the installer will fail. I temporarily stopped volfs and unmounted a device that was mounted on /mnt and the installer completed without issue. Figure I would share this with others so you don’t have to waste your time debugging this problem.

2 thoughts on “Getting VMWare tools to configure on Solaris 10 guests”

  1. It’s nothing new that guys from VMware don’t know how to write programs or build packages (RPM/DEB anyone?). I’m actually surprised that their hypervisor works quite reliably.

    Anyway, just use open-vm-tools instead of VMware tools, as the former ones a) are open source, b) have clear installation procedure (not a buggy, difficult to read and analyse script), c) have already prepared packages for many OSes, and make easy to build a package where it’s not already built.

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