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Useful crontab short cuts

While reading through crontab(5) this morning I came across this useful nugget of information: “These special time specification “nicknames” are supported, which replace the 5 initial time and date fields, and are prefixed by the @ character: @reboot : Run once, at startup. @yearly : Run once a year, ie. “0 0 1 1 *”. […]

How to expand you technical book library on the cheap

I recently got the opportunity to start supporting a number of AIX systems, and being an AIX newbie the first thing I did was ask myself how can I learn everything there is to know about AIX (more to come on this topic tomorrow)? Being a readaholic, I decided to wander over to Amazon to […]

Getting VMWare tools to configure on Solaris 10 guests

I built out a Solaris 10 update 10 guest on a vSphere 4.1 machine this past week. When I went to configure VMWare tools I received the following error: $ /usr/bin/ Initializing… Stopping VMware Tools services in the virtual machine: Guest operating system daemon: done Guest memory manager: done Unable to create symlink “/mnt/hgfs” pointing […]