Retrieving a bunch of files with wget

I periodically need to retrieve new CentOS and Fedora releases. Sometimes I need to snag CDs (I still support machines without DVD drives), and in other cases I need DVDs. Typically when I’m playing around with new releases I grab both, and use the wget to retrieve them all at once. If you pass wget a FTP URL that contains a *, it will retrieve all of the files in the directory you are retrieving files from. Here is an example:

$ wget ftp://foo/pub/centos/5.6/isos/x86_64/*

This will grab all of the files in the x86_64 directory and place them in the current working directory. You can also disable prompting and use the mget command with your favorite FTP client, but I find wget to be a bit more versatile since you can use the “-c” option to continue failed transfers. What is your favorite method to retrieve files?

2 thoughts on “Retrieving a bunch of files with wget”

  1. Axel tries to accelerate downloads by opening more than one connection to a
    server (possibly to different servers). Because of its size it might also
    be useful as a wget replacement on bootdisks and other small systems.


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