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Securing your Linux vsftp installations by locking down your server and chroot()’ing users

As much as we all hate FTP and the insecurities of the protocol, I’ve given up on the fact that it’s going to be retired anytime soon. A lot of old legacy systems (mainframes, AS400s, etc.) don’t support SSH, but they so support the infamous FTP protocol. These two factors force a lot of companies […]

Printing the current sector size of a device in Linux

In the past year, a number of disk drives started shipping with 4K sector sizes. To see if your disk drive is using 512-byte or 4K sectors, you can use the blktool utility to print the sector size of a device: $ blktool /dev/sda sector-sz 512 You can also look at the hw_sector_size value for […]

Undeleting a file that resides on a Linux EXT3 or EXT4 file system

I have on a couple of occasions been asked to restore files that were deleted. I’ve been fortunate up to this point that I have always been able to get the deleted file back, either through file system manipulation, dd’ing of a device or by restoring the file from a previous back up. One thing […]

My quest for the perfect cup of coffee

Like most techies, I love to enjoy a couple cups of coffee each day. I’m not an espresso person like my blogging partner Mike, but am a simple drip guy. For the past 3 – 4 years I’ve been using a Cuisineart 12-cup drip coffee maker with natural unbleached filters. I THOUGHT this would provide […]