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Running an SSH client inside your Firefox web browser

I recently came across FireSSH, which is an SSH client that runs inside Firefox. The FireSSH plug-in allows you to create an SSH connection to a remote host using just a web browser, and I can see all kinds of uses for this! The plug-in is written entirely in javascript, and uses a couple of […]

Configuring NSCD to cache DNS host lookups

I haven’t really spent that much time configuring nscd, so I thought I would take a crack at it this morning while sipping my cup of joe. Looking at one of my production hosts, I queried for the “host” cache statistics. This is the nscd cache which keeps DNS lookups. With the nscd daemon running, […]

Continuing to tail a file after it’s been rotated

I use xtail and tail quite a bit to debug problems. Sometimes when I’m up late at night troubleshooting issues, the log rotation jobs will kick off and my tail session will stop updating (tail will follow the file descriptor associated with the file by default, not the name of the file). Since this can […]

Using the Linux arping utility to send out gratuitious ARPs

I managed a number of Redhat and Heartbeat clusters. On a couple of occassions the services that manage the virtual IPs have misbehaved, and the storage has ended up on one node and the virtual IP on another. To fix this I need to manually move the virtual IP to the host it belongs on, […]

A simple and easy way to restart dropped SSH sessions on Linux servers

I frequently use OpenSSH port forwards to move around my various networks, and there is nothing worse than an SSH connection dropping when you make heavy use of them. Recently I came across the autossh utility, which provides a crazy easy way to monitor ssh sessions and restart them when they are reset or dropped. […]

New zone features in Solaris 10 update 9

I just finished reading through Frank Batschulat’s slide deck of new zone features in Solaris 10 update 9. The new update on attach enhancements look extremely useful, and I have a few systems I will have to try to p2v using the tools that now ship with Solaris. If you are using zones, you should […]

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