A nice graphical interface for smartmontools

In my article out SMART your hard drive, I discussed smartmontools and the smartctl comand line utility in detail. The article shows how to view SMART data on a hard drive, conduct self-tests and shows how to configure smartmontools to generate alerts when a drive is about to or has failed. Recently I learned about GSmartControl, which is a graphical front-end to smartmontools. While I’ve only played with it a bit, it looks like a pretty solid piece of software! The project website has a number of screenshots, and you can download the source from the here. Nice!

4 thoughts on “A nice graphical interface for smartmontools”

  1. Matty –

    just want to give you a compliment on a useful blog with good technical content. I’ve followed you for a couple of years, because you are in the Yahoo RSS feed, if you didnt know.

    Even though it’s looks like you’ve “gone linux”, due to market forces, keep up the good work.

  2. @svrocket — it’s funny you mention that I’ve gone Linux. I just started writing a post about that specific topic late last week. :)

  3. @app — I didn’t use a cracker program. I would set up a service, change various things in the config file, and see how it acted after that. Once I got a service working I would then delete configuration files and databases and force myself to rebuild / re-create them from scratch.

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