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Using dnscap to debug DNS problems on Linux hosts

DNS can often make a SysAdmins life difficult, since a misconfigured entry or a broken authoritative DNS server will cause things to fail in odd ways. If you are fortunate enough to use Linux on your servers and desktops, you have a slew of utilities available to look at problems. I’ve discussed a few of […]

Thoughts on building your own NAS device

In a previous post I shared the research I did on the various NAS solutions that are available. I’ve been experimenting with the software solutions I described in that post, and have decided to forego a pre-built solution in favor of a DIY project. There were a couple of reasons for this: 1. The hardware […]

Making sense of the various NAS hardware and software solutions

This past weekend I realized I had a sufficient need at home for some type of centralized storage solution. Ideally this solution would allow me access my data from all of my machines via NFS, CIFS and iSCSI, and have some capabilities to stream music and videos across my wireless network. The number of NAS […]

A walk down DOS memory lane

This past weekend I started cleaning out a ton of old stuff. Like most geeks, I hate to get rid of things that may *one day* be useful. While reviewing the contents of one of my tech tubs, I came across some nostalgic DOS software and books from the early 90s. The first item was […]

Come one come all for cheap technical books! Book sale!

I did some spring cleaning this weekend, and have a bunch of technical books I would like to sell. Each book listed below can be had for $5, or three books for $10. I’m planning to ship with flat rate shipping, and will charge just the amount the USPS needs to get the book to […]

All good things (opensolaris) must come to an end

This past weekend I unsubscribed from my last opensolaris mailing list. While reflecting on where technology is heading, I had to take a few minutes to reflect on where things were just a few years back. I remember vividly the day that the website came online. After the announcement came out, I spent 24 […]

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