Numerous updates to the SSL certificate expiration program

With the help of various contributors, I’ve integrated some new features and a number of bug fixes to ssl-cert-check over the past couple of months. If you aren’t familiar with this tool, it’s a bash script that you can use to notify you prior to your certificates expiring. You can read more about the script by surfing over to the ssl-cert-check documentation page.

1 thought on “Numerous updates to the SSL certificate expiration program”

  1. Hi,
    very nice script. Just a few of months ago a certificate expired on one of our servers. It took us almost 2 days to get the new certificate and replace it. Afterwards I set up a google calender notification to send me an email and a SMS one month before the new expiration date. Though now I will simply plug your script into my crontab.
    Nice job. regards

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