Concert Review: KISS

When I was growing up, the people around me were constantly exposing me to various forms of Rock & Roll. It seems like just yesterday I was driving to the store with my cousin, who put a KISS cassette in this stereo and told me give it a good listen. The music resinated with me, and something about the band hit a happy musical note with me. I bought one of their albums, and played it over and over and over … Eventually I outgrew KISS, but a piece of them has always stuck with me.

Now fast forward 20-years, and we have Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels and a version of KISS without Ace Freely and Peter Criss. This brought back memories of me mozying around with my cousin jamming out to their music, and I knew I had to see these guys live. I got my chance a few weeks back, and the entire concert experience was amazing!

The show started out in crazy KISS fashion, which plenty of pyrotechnics and Gene and Paul putting on an amazing stage presence. Paul was running around the stage getting the crow into the show, Gene was struting his stuff and wagging his tongue, and the newbies in teh band looked to be having a blast as well. A ton of awesome music was performed, including hits such as “Cold Gin”, “Crazy, Crazy Nights”, “Calling Dr. Love”, “Love Gun”, “Black Diamond”, “Detroit Rock City”, “Lick It Up” and their biggest hit IMHO “Rock And Roll All NIght”. The fans at the show were insanely awesome, and a number of them painted themselves up for the event. Nice!

I can summarize this show with the following two words. KICK ASS!

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  1. Hey Matty! I first saw KISS in September 1976. First, it’s hard to believe that was almost 35 years ago. Second, it’s hard to believe that they are still at it after all that time.

  2. Sounds you had fun. Congrats and cheers from Germany have seen the guys this year June Hamburg Germany was almost fun. ;) But me best experience was 1997 at the Reunion World Tour at the Rock Am Ring Show in Nuremburg Germany, that was absolutely over the top. Larger than Life and the greatest Concert experience in my life.

    Good to see that you enjoyed show. :-)

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