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Yet another good reason to switch to NFSv4!

There are currently two main NFS protocol versions in mainstream use. The first is version 3, which was introduced in 1995 as part of RFC 1813. NFSv3 implementations use separate daemons to implement the locking (rpc.lockd), status (rpc.statd), mount (rpc.mountd) and port assignments (portmap) features required by the protocol. NFSv4, which was introduced in 2003 […]

My favorite android applications

I mentioned previously that I picked up an Android phone a few weeks back. As typical geek, I have been on a quest to outfit my phone with some killer applications, and to make my phone use a truly awesome experience. I’ve tested dozens and dozens of applications, and thought I would share my favourites […]

How to make awesome wheatgrass juice for next to nothing!

I have been trying to eat better, and am trying a variety of different things to get into a routine of healthy eating (this is super hard to do when you lived off of junk food for as long as I have!). As part of my new eating habits, I have been trying to incorporate […]