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My take on Android vs. iPhone

After months and months of research, I finally broke down a few weeks ago and purchased a smart phone. When I first decided to replace my aging Motorola RAZR, I wanted something that didn’t cost a fortune and provided a basic ‘net experience when i was away from my Mac. After playing around with a […]

Forcing your Linux users to wait after they input an incorrect password

When I run through my security checklist after building a host, one of the first things I change is the login fail delay. This option allows you to force a user to wait a given number of microseconds after a login failure before being able to try another password. For applications that perform brute force […]

Implementing a home security alarm on the cheap

I currently live in an apartment, and was looking for a cheap and easy solution to sound off an alert if a door or window was opened. Most home security systems are really tailored for houses, and I wasn’t real found of paying $30 – $40 per month to monitor a relatively secure apartment. After […]

Using to control when people can log into your servers

Most admins have to support system logins in one form or another. These logins include everything from application service accounts, operations accounts, SysAdmin accounts and pretty much everything else you can think of. Some of these accounts may not need to access your servers 24/7, and you may want to limit the timeframes when users […]

ipmitool + LOM = rad amounts of hardware data collection.

There are so many different hardware sensors on machines now. If you have a machine with a iLOM (like Sun’s line of x86 hardware) you can probe all of this information over the network using ipmitool and direct it at the iLOM. Usage for ipmitool over the network: $ ipmitool -I lan -H (ip address […]