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Ridding your Solaris host of zombie processes

We encountered a nasty bug in our backup software this week. When this bug is triggered, each job (one process is created per job) that completes will turn into a zombie. After a few days we will have hundreds or even thousands of zombie processes, which if left unchecked will eventually lead to the system-side […]

Sorting data by dates, numbers and much much more

Every year or two I try to re-read manual pages and documentation about my favorite UNIX tools (bash, awk, sed, grep, etc.). Each time I do this I pick up some cool new nugget of information, and refresh my mind on things that I may have forgot. While reading through an article on sort, I […]

Displaying GPG public keys in ASCII format

I was debugging a gpg issue earlier this week, and needed to dump the contents of a public key in some type of human readable form. After a bit of googling I came across the crazy awesome pgpdump utility, which provides a command line interface to display the contents of a GPG public key. To […]

Getting notified when new hosts appear on your network

I had to debug an interesting network problem a few weeks back, and wanted to see when new hosts appeared on my network. While debugging the issue, I needed to find a way to get notified when a new host appeared (I didn’t want to sit at a terminal reviewing the output from snoop and […]