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ARM vs. Intel Atom comparison

Van Smith wrote an awesome article comparing current ARM processors and their lower power consuming x86 friends such as the Intel Atom. Here’s the conclusion of his performance benchmark tests: The ARM Cortex-A8 achieves surprisingly competitive performance across many integer-based benchmarks while consuming power at levels far below the most energy miserly x86 CPU, the […]

Sending alerts to your Linux desktop when things go wrong

I run gnome on my work desktop, and even with our various monitoring solutions I still use some custom notification tools to get alerted when specific issues occur. One of these tools is gnome-notify, which allows you to create a visible notification inside your desktop workspace. This tool has several useful options, which are displayed […]

Sending commands to multiple Linux and Solaris machines through a single graphical shell window

I have been a long time user of clusterssh, which is a fanstastic tool for sending commands to multiple hosts. Inside each terminal window you can type a command, or you can use the master console to send a command to all of the windows you opened. The clusterit tools comes with a similar tool, […]

Windows Server 2008 is a rather nice product

I’ve been crazy busy over the past few months. In addition to preparing for my RHCE exam in July, I have also been studying for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 MCITP certification. This is a huge change for me, and I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that I would be so focused on […]

Managing 100s of Linux and Solaris machines with clusterit

I use numerous tools to perform my SysAdmin duties. One of my favorite tools it clusterit, which is a suite of programs that allows you to run commands across one or more machines in parallel. To begin using the awesomeness that is clusterit, you will first need to download and install the software. This is […]

How to ensure sure you can boot if your initrd image has problems

I was playing around with some new kernel bits a few weeks back, and needed to update my initrd image. Having encountered various situations where a box wouldn’t boot due to a botched initrd file, I have become overly protective of this file. Now each time I have to perform an update, I will first […]

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