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Why the ext3 fsck’s after X days or Y mounts?

Reading through my RSS feeds, I came across the following blog post describing one Linux administrator using tune2fs to disable the “please run fsck on this file system after X days or Y mounts.” I’ve got to admit, this is kind of annoying. I’ve taken production critical Linux boxes down for some maintenance, only to […]

Anatomy of Linux Kernel Shared Memory

Slashdot covered a post from IBM developerworks that I thought was relevant to pass along here. The Linux 2.6.32 Kernel performs memory de-duplication a.k.a. KSM (kernel shared memory). Its a great read if you’re interested in the advancements of Linux Virtualization. Memory de-duplication in the Linux kernel M. Tim Jones, Independent author Summary: Linux® […]

Slides from my CentOS cluster server presentation

The fine folks at ALE invited me back this month to give a presentation on CentOS cluster server. I had a blast presenting, and want to thank everyone for coming out. The slide deck I used is now up on my website, and I will post links to the cluster configuration file I discussed later […]

Converting time since the epoch to a human readable string

I was parsing some Netbackup logs today, and needed a way to convert the time since the epoch into a human readable string. A while back I read about the various forms of input that can be passed to the GNU date’s “-d” option, one of these being the time since the epoch: $ date […]

Solaris reporting multiple devices sharing IRQ assignments

One of my co-workers this week was fighting disk failure on a Solaris 10 x86 host.  I was checking /var/adm/messages and came across something interesting. Apr 11 03:29:21 nge: [ID 801725] NOTICE: nge1: Using FIXED interrupt type Apr 11 03:29:21 unix: [ID 954099] NOTICE: IRQ20 is being shared by drivers with […]

Advanced Bash Scripting Guide

I came across the Advanced Bash Scripting guide while checking through my RSS feeds this morning.  It has a ton of great examples and goes pretty in-depth on Bash scripting features.  A good read for sure.  =)