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Getting a daily status report from your Netbackup infrastructure

I support a couple of Netbackup environments, and like to keep tabs on what is going on with my media and master servers. There are a slew of reports available in the GUI and CLI interfaces, and these reports cover everything from Netbackup errors to tape reports to what is occurring with vault jobs. The […]

Configuring yum to use an HTTP or FTP proxy

I have been experimenting with squid at home, and recently configured yum to use the squid proxy server I set up. There are two ways you can get yum to use an HTTP or FTP proxy. First, you can make yum use a proxy for a single session by setting the http_proxy and ftp_proxy environment […]

Adding 3rd party package repositories to CentOS Linux

As a long time CentOS user, I have grown accustomed to firing up yum to install my favorite packages. Periodically a package I’m looking for isn’t available, and I need to go out to a 3rd party repository to snag it. One awesome source for 3rd party repositories is the repositories section of the CentOS […]

Creating KVM guests with virt-install and qemu-kvm

In my KVM presentation, I discussed how to create KVM guests using the virt-install utility. To create a KVM guest, you can run the virt-install utility with one or more options that control where the guest will be installed, how to install it, and how to structure the guest hardware profile . Here is one […]

Dealing with yum checksum errors

I support a couple of yum repositories, and use the yum repository build instructions documented in my previous post to create my repositories. When I tried to apply the latest CentOS 5.3 updates to one of my servers last week, I noticed that I was getting a number of “Error performing checksum” errors: $ yum […]

Creating yum repositories on CentOS and Fedora Linux hosts

I have written about the yum package manager in the past, and it’s one of the main reasons I use CentOS and Fedora Linux. Various 3rd party yum repositories are also available, allowing you to gain access to numerous packages that aren’t available in the stock distributions. This is great, but sometimes you want to […]

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