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Using Solaris source code + DTrace

Brian Leonard wrote an excellent blog post about how to use DTrace, how to show details about specific probes, and then using the source code in conjunction with his findings to understand exactly what was happening within that probe.  if you’re starting to deep dive into DTrace, this is an excellent article for learning these […]

Serve out content over HTTP from your cwd immediatly

Ever want to immediatly serve content from a specific directory over HTTP, but didn’t want to bother messing with httpd.conf or other webserver configiurations? If you’ve got Python installed, this is a snap.  Execute python with the SimpleHTTPServer module, using port 8080 so there isn’t a need to elevate privs to root. $ python -m […]

Package not found support in Fedora 12

I’ve been a long time reader of arstechnica, and really dig their technology reviews. I just came across their Ars takes a first look under the hood of Fedora 12 article, and was stoked when I read the following: “PackageKit, the package management framework, has also received some intriguing enhancements in Fedora 12. A new […]

Concert Review: AC/DC

It seems like just yesterday my best friend Dan told me about AC/DC, and put the Back in Black album in his CD player. I was floored by the music I was hearing, especially “Hells Bells”, “Givin The Dog A Bone” and my personal all time favorite AC/DC tune, “Back In Black.” Well, I was […]

Solaris SNMP agent updated to net-snmp version 5.4.1

I just saw that the opensolaris net-snmp software was updated to version 5.4.1: Author: Vijay HN Repository: /hg/onnv/onnv-gate Latest revision: 739325d040fb9f332a2ae9e196de38e06f1ec81b Total changesets: 1 Log message: LSARC 2008/355 System Management Agent (SMA1.0) migration to Net-SNMP 5.4.1 6848323 ON package changes required for SMA to net-snmp migration This is a welcome addition, and will provide admins […]

Building chroot jails with the Linux yum utility

I just posted an article titled building chroot jails with the Linux yum utility to my website. The article touches on chroot jails, and shows how to create a chroot jail using the yum utility.

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