Great resource for managing djbdns servers

I am in the process of setting up a couple of caching DNS servers, and decided to test out djbdns (we used it at my last job with great success). While perusing the web, I came across the life with djbdns site. This site provides a thorough explanation of djbdns, and also covers configuration in detail. If you are interested in learning how djbdns works, this site is for you!

1 thought on “Great resource for managing djbdns servers”

  1. djbdns looks great, and I have tried over the past three years at least thrice to install it on both OpenBSD and Debain Squeeze, and failed on every occasion! ( I gave up and used BIND each time.)

    Sadly, its a complete bitch to get working, which is why many people use BIND instead. As much as I think dnsdjb is far superior to BIND (and bug free), there is little point in touting it when the it is too difficult to install.

    Installation would be far easier if there were reliable instructions for various O/Ses other than the rather sparse entries on

    Also, it would be good to see the packages in Debian Squeeze.

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