Net-snmp should now work in an opensolaris non-global zone

While debugging a net-snmp issue a while back, I came across the following error:

error on subcontainer ‘interface container’ insert (-1)

These errors are caused by opensolaris bug #6640675, which causes all interfaces to be assigned an index value of 0 (this leads net-snmp to think there are duplicate interfaces). The fix was just integrated into Nevada, so hopefully the code will be back ported to Solaris 10.

1 thought on “Net-snmp should now work in an opensolaris non-global zone”

  1. This is definitely causing me a huge headache on both non-global zones and on standalone systems with Solaris 10 installed.

    SNMP won’t start (may be unrelated) but keeps filling up the logs (/var/log/snmpd.log) with “error on subcontainer ‘interface container’ insert (-1)”.

    Hopefully it’s fixed soon. :/

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