Updating Emulex boot code on Solaris hosts

I previously discussed updating Emulex adapter firmware, but didn’t touch on updating the adapter’s boot code. The boot code allows you to boot from a SAN device, and is a separate upgrade from the standard firmware. To upgrade the boot code, you can run the emlxadm download_boot command with the name of the boot code image:

emlxadm> download_boot /export/home/matty/TB202A2.PRG

Image Components: REL type size=50232
DWC file: BOOT: version=03812092, 2.02a2

Current: Boot: none
New: Boot: 2.02a2 50232 (0xc438) bytes

Are you sure you want to download this image? (y or n): y


Result: Operation successful.

emlxadm> get_boot_rev

Boot revision: LP10000DC 2.02a2

This post is a reference for myself, and I take ZERO responsibility for botched firmware updates. As with all information on this blog, use this information at your own risk (no warranties of any sort are provided).

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