Viewing hard drive temperatures on Linux hosts

While reviewing the sensor data provided by lm-sensors, I started to wonder if there was an easy way to list hard drive temperatures. The smartctl utility can show this information per drive, but I wanted something that would dump temperatures for all drives in my systems. After a bit of seraching, I came across the hddtemp utility:

$ hddtemp /dev/sd[a-z]

/dev/sda: HITACHI HDS7225SBSUN250G0 36N4US6Y J    ?: 35°C
/dev/sdb: WDC WD7500AACS-00D6B1: 37°C
/dev/sdc: WDC WD7500AACS-00D6B1: 36°C
/dev/sdd: WDC WD7500AACS-00D6B1: 38°C

I haven’t read through the hddtemp source code to see if it is using ioctl()’s or /sys to get this information, but I’m stoked that this information is so easy to get to (tying this into Nagios would be kinda nifty). Viva CentOS Linux!

1 thought on “Viewing hard drive temperatures on Linux hosts”

  1. Nice tools…
    Used to do this with smartctl command | grep | sed | awk | whatever to extract temperature line !
    With Centos this tool is located in extras packages so… do not forget to allow extras section with yum !
    Thanks and yes Viva Centos ;-)

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