Debugging problems with the open-iscsi initiator

I talked about the open-iscsi initiator in a previous post, and briefly touched on debugging problems. If you want to get additional debugging data for the iscsid daemon, you can add the “-d 8” option to the iscsi initialization file:

$ less /etc/init.d/iscsid

        echo -n $"Turning off network shutdown. "
        # we do not want iscsi or network to run during system shutdown
        # incase there are RAID or multipath devices using
        # iscsi disks
        chkconfig --level 06 network off
        rm /etc/rc0.d/*network
        rm /etc/rc6.d/*network

        echo -n $"Starting iSCSI daemon: "
        modprobe -q iscsi_tcp
        modprobe -q ib_iser
        daemon iscsid -d 8
        [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ] || return

        touch /var/lock/subsys/iscsid


This will cause the daemon to write a bunch of debugging data to the syslog logs, which you can then use to isolate problems.

1 thought on “Debugging problems with the open-iscsi initiator”

  1. I did this change however it didn’t provide any more output.

    Did you change anything to syslog.conf as well?

    From my experience this doesn’t work.

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