Installing Fedora Core 10 in text mode

By default, Fedora core 10 will install in graphical mode. This is not ideal for the vast majority of my hosts, since they run inside a VMWare virtual machine. To get Fedora Core 10 to install in text mode, you can hit the <tab> key at the install screen and add the keyword “text” to the end of the boot options.

4 thoughts on “Installing Fedora Core 10 in text mode”

  1. how to install fedora core 10 in text mode and
    Dhcp server configuration in this distribution
    and other server config: DNS, aperche, telnet, squid, samba server, and NFS.

  2. please send me Linux server configuration,DNS,DHCP,apache,telnet,squid,samba server and NFS for fedora core 10

  3. i want to attain the dhcp package of rpm package
    to be installed in my system core10 fedora.
    where can i visit website and download
    please can i have advice from ……

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