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Viewing hard drive temperatures on Linux hosts

While reviewing the sensor data provided by lm-sensors, I started to wonder if there was an easy way to list hard drive temperatures. The smartctl utility can show this information per drive, but I wanted something that would dump temperatures for all drives in my systems. After a bit of seraching, I came across the […]

Upgrading Brocade firmware

I recently purchased a Brocade 3200 for my lab, and wanted to upgrade the switch to the latest stable version of firmware. Brocade comes with the “firmwaredownload” command, which can be used to retrieve and load a firmware image from a remote FTP or RSH server: Switch:admin> firmwaredownload Server Name or IP Address [host]: […]

Viewing SCSI device information on Linux hosts

I chatted about the new server I built a few posts back, and wanted a quick way to view the SATA devices in the system. While the dmesg and /proc data can be used to locate this information, I always find the lsscsi utility to be a bit more useful: $ lsscsi [0:0:0:0] disk ATA […]

Using plug-ins to extend the base yum functionality

I’ve written about yum in the past, and how it can be used to manage packages on CentOS Linux hosts. In addition to the base functionality that is available in yum, there are also numerous plugins that can be added to extend the base yum feature set. The full list of plugins can be viewed […]

Oracle needs to fix their certification requirements

I have been spending a good bit of my spare time studying for the Oracle RAC certification, and am hoping to get certified by the end of summer. Once thing that annoys me is the fact that you have to attend a vendor training class in order to get certified. This is kinda silly, and […]

Server hardware is dirt cheap!

I just built a quad core AMD-based server that I plan to use as a storage host in my lab. The machine has the following configuration: ASUS M2N-LR motherboard AMD Opteron 1354 Budapest 2.2GHz Socket AM2 75W processor 8GD of 667MHZ DDR2 ECC memory 4 750GB Western Digital SATA II disk drives SAMSUNG 22X DVD±R […]

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