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ZFS user and group quotas

ZFS allows quotas to be defined for each file system, but currently lacks the ability to define user and group quotas inside a file system (you can create one file system per user to get around this). This issue is being addressed, and user and group quotas will soon be part of opensolaris. Here is […]

Recovering deleted files with ext3grep

While perusing packages on my Debian 5 host, I came across the ext3grep utility. Ext3grep allows you to poke and prod ext file system metadata structures (superblocks, inode bitmaps, block details, etc.), and has the ability to recover deleted files. To see first hand how file recovery works (this is a useful thing to have […]

Disabling SELinux on CentOS Linux hosts

I spend a bunch of time a while back learning how SELinux worked, and it definitely has some useful applications (especially with the tools that were recently added to assist with policy setup). On some of the hosts I support it is overkill, and I disable in one of my kickstart postinstall actions. To disable […]

Boot tracing in the Linux 2.6.28 kernel

While perusing the Linux change list, I noticed that boot tracing was introduced in the 2.6.28 kernel: “The purpose of this tracer is to helps developers to optimize boot times: it records the timings of the initcalls. Its aim is to be parsed by the scripts/ tool to produce graphics about boot inefficiencies, giving a […]

Good dpkg and apt-get reference

I have been playing with Debian quite a bit lately, and found Carlo Wood’s Debian cheat sheet rather useful. The more I use dpkg and apt-get, the more I wish every operating system had something similar (yum and company don’t quite compare). Nice!

Changing the zone path of a pre-existing zone

So, the hostname of one of our zones changed, and we create ZFS file systems for the zones using <path>/<zonename> Easy enough of a fix… root@db@blah-global:~#zoneadm list -cv ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP 0 global           running    /                              native   shared 1 blah         running    /local2/data/zones/blah    native   shared 5 blah1          running    /local/data/zones/blah1      native   […]

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