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Configuring VLAN interfaces on CentOS Linux hosts

I recently needed to configure a CentOS Linux host to use 802.1Q tagged queuing. This turned out to be super easy, and allowed me place the physical server on multiple layer-2 networks. To configure an 802.1Q interface, I first checked the ifcfg-eth0 script for the interface that was planning to participate in 802.1Q: $ cd […]

Monitoring file activity on Linux hosts

While reviewing one of my Linux hosts, I noticed that a bunch of write activity was occurring to one specific file system. I was curious to see what this write activity was, so I started reading up on the Linux inotify framework. Inotify allows you to monitor file system events, and the super useful iwatch […]

Viewing man pages as a pdf on OS X

Picked up this neat little trick on command-line-fu. Read any UNIX man page in OS X as a pdf in preview $ man -t <command> | open -f -a preview

How to undelete any open, deleted file on linux / solaris

Chris Dew wrote up a neat trick on how to recover files if deleted on Linux, yet still open by a process. This works on Solaris as well.  =) $:~:uname -a SunOS 5.10 Generic_127112-11 i86pc i386 i86pc $:~:echo “sup folks?” > testfile $:~:tail -f testfile & [1] 17134 $:~:rm testfile $:~:ls /proc/17134/fd/ 0  […]

ZFS in the trenches

Ben Rockwood is awesome.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out his blog, its a must read for any Solaris Admin. He gave a presentation at the Open Storage Summit about ZFS.  (Video Here) Its worth the read / view   for some indepth ZFS concepts. Joerg assisted in turning some of this […]

Monitoring interrupt activity on Linux hosts

While transferring a slew of data to one of my Linux boxes a few weeks back, I was curious how many interrupts were being generated each second. To answer my question, I installed the itop utility. Itop displays the number of interrupts per second that occur per device, and provides output similar to top. Here […]

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