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Configurable zone hostids

I just saw that the zone team added support for customized hostids for zones: PSARC/2008/647 Configurable Hostids for Non-Global Zones 6580939 RFE: provide unique hostid for each non-global zone This will be a super useful feature!

Concert review: Drivin’ N Cryin’

Last year I did a number of concert reviews, but not nearly as many as I would have liked to. This year I plan to review 2 – 4 shows per month, and the acts will range from small local bands to large national headliners. I am also hoping to get peoples feedback from the […]

Disabling synchronous syslogd updates

Most *NIX implementations ship with a syslog daemon, which is responsible for reading messages from clients and writing these messages to one or more log destinations. Most daemons perform this operation synchronously using the fsync() system call, which can lead to some headaches on super busy log servers. Linux has a nifty option to disable […]

IPMP rearchitecture bits now in Nevada build 107

The long awaited IPMP rearchitecture bits just got included into the crossbow integration in OpenSolaris build 107.   A new command, ipmpstat has been introduced. If you use IPMP in production, take a look at the reachitecture here.   Peter’s documentation on the high level design is quality stuff.   The below was taken from page 3. 3 […]

Brendan Gregg screaming at a 7410!

Slashdot picked up a youtube video of Brendan Gregg, shouting at a Sun 7410.  Its pretty halarious, but it does showcase just how cool the DTrace Analytics visual GUI is on Sun’s new line of Amber Road products. Brendan is one of the co-authors of Solaris Internals, 2nd Edition.  He also wrote the DTraceToolKit, which […]