Crossbow (network virtualization) is now part of the opensolaris code base!

It has been a long time coming, but it looks like the network team finally integrated project crossbow (network virtualization) into Nevada build 105:

PSARC/2006/357 Crossbow – Network Virtualization and Resource Management
6498311 Crossbow – Network Virtualization and Resource Management
6402493 DLPI provider loopback behavior should be improved
6453165 move mac capabs definitions outside mac.h
6338667 Need ability to use NAT for non-global zones
6692884 several threads hung due to deadlock scenario between aggr and mac
6768302 dls: soft_ring_bind/unbind race can panic in thread_affinity_set with cpu_id == -1
6635849 race between lacp_xmit_sm() and aggr_m_stop() ends in panic
6742712 potential message double free in the aggr driver
6754299 a potential race between aggr_m_tx() and aggr_port_delete()
6485324 mi_data_lock recursively held when enabling promiscuous mode on an aggregation
6442559 Forwarding perf bottleneck due to mac_rx() calls
6505462 assertion failure after removing a port from a snooped aggregation
6716664 need to add src/dst IP address to soft ring fanout

This is exciting news, and I can’t wait to play with all the cool new stuff crossbow offers!

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