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A completely (local) diskless datacenter with iSCSI

Being able to boot a machine from SAN isn’t exactly a new concept.  Instead of having local hard drives in thousands of machines, each machine logs into the fabric and boots the O/S from a LUN exported via fiber on the SAN.  This requires a little bit of configuration on the Fiber HBA, but it […]

Resource controls against fork bombs executed inside Solaris Zones

I came across this neat little tidbit on page 27 while reading through the pdf article UNDERSTANDING THE SECURITY CAPABILITIES OF SOLARIS™ ZONES SOFTWARE As a test, I’m going to set this resource control on a zone and execute a fork bomb to see what appears in system logs.  This is pretty cool stuff!  Miscellaneous Controls […]

zpool shrink / evict is almost here

The inability to remove devices from ZFS Zpools has been one of the most annoying / inflexiable things about ZFS.  I once read a blogpost about somenone who added a USB flash stick into the root ZFS pool, and now the USB stick became a perminent fixture of the machine!  There was no simple way […]

Helpful shell shortcuts

So this may be a little basic, but I find myself using these two shortcuts quite a bit while at the shell. If you ever find yourself wanting to “reuse” the last argument in a command — for example, here I move a file from one location into /var/tmp and I want to “cd” into […]

Crossbow (network virtualization) is now part of the opensolaris code base!

It has been a long time coming, but it looks like the network team finally integrated project crossbow (network virtualization) into Nevada build 105: Comments: PSARC/2006/357 Crossbow – Network Virtualization and Resource Management 6498311 Crossbow – Network Virtualization and Resource Management 6402493 DLPI provider loopback behavior should be improved 6453165 move mac capabs definitions outside […]

OpenSolaris IPS repository offerings growing

I’m really glad to see the OpenSolaris IPS repositories growing with the amount of available packages.  Large network repositories of thousands of software packages make Fedora and Ubuntu the great, easy to use Linux distributions that they are.  Extending the amount of packages available to OpenSolaris just builds upon this usability! A graph explaining the […]

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