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Debugging Java performance problems presentation

I recently gave a presentation at the local UNIX users group titled Debugging Java performance problems. The presentation describes various opensource tools and how they can be used to understand what is causing CPU, memory and lock contention issues inside a Java virtual machine. If there are additional tools not discussed in the presentation that […]

Linux’s work to scale vertically?

Slashdot and other sites had mention of the release of the 2.6.27 Linux kernel today.   Some of the new features in the kernel take from here about improved SMP support for the page cache: The page cache is the place where the kernel keeps in RAM a copy of a file to improve performance by […]

Concert review: Cowboy Mouth

I have been a long time Cowboy Mouth fan, and still remember the first time I saw them play a concert in Delaware. They had an incredible amount of energy, and where one of the few bands I had seen that wanted the crowd involved in every aspect of the show. When I heard they […]