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Disable Hardware on SPARC Platforms from the OBP

You can disable hardware directly from the OBP with “asr” commands.  If it’s a production critical machine, and it won’t boot because of a failed component, you can disable the hardware from the OBP and get the machine back up (although crippled) to minimize your production downtime impact. Rebooting with command: boot Boot device: /pci@1e,600000/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@0,0  […]

x86 / linux boot process

There is quite a bit of documentation around the internet on the linux boot process, but Gustavo Duarte I think did an excellent job describing this in a clear and concise way.  He also has several links to the Linux  kernel source code and describes what is occurring step-by-step through the bootstrap phase all the […]

Viewing the changes that have occurred to an RPM package

I recently encountered a bug in one of the Linux utilities I was using, and upgrading to the latest version of the utility appeared to fix the issue. Being the curious guy I am, I started poking around the web and various release notes to see when the issue was fixed. While digging through this […]

SCSI Enclosure Services

Eric Schrock has done some really cool work with integrating disk (SMART) /platform monitoring (IPMI) information into Opensolaris.   Just recently, he has extended FMA with a new technology called SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) into build 93 of OpenSolaris. This looks like some really cool stuff.  The following was taken directly from his blog on the […]

dennis’ experience with opensolaris 2008.05

Dennis Clarke blogged about an introduction to opensolaris 2008.05, IPS, and how using ZFS (and beadm) as your root file system provides advantages with system upgrades and multiple root file systems. Take a look at his blog post here if you haven’t yet seen IPS on opensolaris.  A lot of people are really glad to […]

Bash’s built in commands

If you’re a frequent user of the bash shell, I would suggest taking a peek at the GNU reference guide next time you have a chance.  There are a lot of cool built in functions/commands within bash that are pretty neat.  To get an idea of what these built in commands are: $ ps PID […]

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