OpenSolaris now supports dynamic LUN expansion

With the following putback:

PSARC 2006/373 Dynamic Lun Expansion
6241086 Format should allow label adjustment when disk/lun size changes
6430818 Solaris needs mechanism of dynamically increasing lun size

OpenSoaris now has the ability to detect and use space that is dynamically allocated to a LUN. This has been a bit of a stumbling block in the past, and the available solutions to expand storage weren’t for the faint of heart. Hopefully this feature works as advertised!!

3 thoughts on “OpenSolaris now supports dynamic LUN expansion”

  1. hey Matty —- this may not always the desired behavior – lets say if the LUN size is hovering at 990G and the SAN engineer expands it to >1T – then if opensolaris automagically converts the label from VTOC to EFI (assuming the earlier label is VTOC) — this may corrupt the data on the LUN


  2. Hi Matty,
    great feature, but unfortunately it does not work as expected:
    You’re able to add the free space by the expand command but unable to label the disk while it’s in use (e.g. mounted partitions) – although NOINUSE_CHECK is set.

    Any suggestions here?

    Do you know any progress details about “zpool autoexpand property (PSARC/2008/353)”?

    Thanks, Thomas

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