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The wonderful world of Leadville

In a SAN environment when dealing with external storage concepts such as EMC BCV’s, you’ll often have a request to create volumes on two different machines that are identical so replication on the back-end can occur.   When you look at a LUN presented to Solaris, it’ll appear with a cryptic name like the following: […]

ZFS boot support for SPARC / x86

The flag day for ZFS boot support was just announced which will allow for root file systems (/, /var, /usr) to be bootable from both SPARC and x86 platforms.  It looks like this functionality is going to come into OpenSolaris at build 88.   The install support (selecting ZFS file systems from a jumpstart profile) or […]

Respect my ~/.Xauthority !#@$!

South Park is a hilarious show, and I think that Cartman is the best character.  One of Cartman’s classic lines is “YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!#!” So Cartman wasn’t a unix geek and wasn’t talking about X11 Forwarding / SSH, but maybe there is a moral to the story. You have to execute some sort of […]

Beer to be integrated into Nevada!!

I just came across the beer fastrack, which proposes to integrate beer(1) into opensolaris (I am disappointed that wine(1) is not in scope): Overview ======== This case describes the proper usage model for the common zymological beverage, beer(1). Though the beverage ‘wine(1)’ has similar processes and has similar results, the density and concentrations are different, […]